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History - KS3

The Long Train Home

Learning Outcomes
Students will learn key content related to World War One Ambulance trains and practice exam skills related to Paper 1: Thematic study and historic environment.
1 hour


In this lesson, students will discover the history of “Ambulance Trains” and the role they played in transporting injured soldiers during World War I.

Students will use source material, extracts and videos to develop their inference skills, before expanding their analytical and questioning skills through a range of activities.

Curriculum Links

KS3 History

  • Challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world 1901 to the present day: the First World War
  • Understand the methods of historical enquiry, including how evidence is used rigorously to make historical claims
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How to get there

This lesson is designed to be taught in a classroom.

However, if you would like to visit a station where injured soldiers were taken by train, you could visit Bristol Temple Meads.

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