Train Trips

As part of our offer for schools, we can arrange complimentary travel for classes to take a trip by train along their line, giving them the opportunity to put their learning around rail safety and confidence into practice.

We are teachers. We understand the demands that the curriculum puts on schools and appreciate that it is not always easy to engage in opportunities that do not link to the curriculum. Therefore, we are committed to providing a meaningful experience for schools, that can link with curriculum objectives. We combine our free rail education trips with free activities, locations and events in order to make the trips accessible to all schools.

The benefits of a rail familiarisation trip with Platform:

  • Raise cultural capital for students through out-of-school experiences
  • Build on the rail safety aspects of our workshops in a real-life scenario
  • Increase confidence leading to independent travel and future sustainable and healthy travel choices
  • Develop life skills through journey planning and management
  • Promote sustainable travel as a viable option for school trips in the future

Who is this for?

It is our belief that all young people should have the opportunity to try train travel, and so we are not selective about which educational establishments or what age groups we work with.

What if my students have additional needs?

At Platform, we are committed to offering an entirely inclusive experience, and will do everything possible to support students with additional needs. There is an experienced, qualified SENCo on the team, and there is the option for us to work with travel mentors within the train operating companies. At the point of booking with us, we will encourage you to share any individual needs of students, allowing us to devise a plan that makes the day accessible.

Where can we go?

The scheme area covers Worcestershire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Bath and North-East Somerset – please see our interactive map for a clear picture of the areas we can work with!

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And don’t just take our word for it…

“My class of children were buzzing with excitement, interest and curiosity after working with Emilie during the initial rail safety visit to school. Our rail travel from Gloucester to Worcester Foregate Street allowed the children to experience safe train travel – over 50% of the class had never been on a train before. The children were excited to be able to apply the rail safety skills. Emilie selected a balance of well chosen activities for the children to complete at the Pod in Worcester and all of the children engaged fully in the tasks that they were given. A super day. Many thanks to all involved.”

– Alison Petticrew, Elmbridge Primary School

“Absolutely superb! Having Platform to help us prep and then to escort us on our first class train trip was amazing. It gave me so much reassurance as a class teacher in using the train with my class and the children learnt far more about rail safety than if we had just travelled alone. Emilie and Imogen were so knowledgeable and supportive. They had an excellent rapport with the children, confidently leading the group when needed and also making supportive connections with individual children who had worries or additional needs.”

– Hollin Butterfield, Chandag Infant School

“Emilie and Imogen were fabulous. The session was pitched at the right level for students and planning in preparation for the safety talk and session ensured this. Platform rail made offering students a trip opportunity accessible due to the free cost and the effective communication they established with myself and the other job coaches. Students noted the development in their confidence following the trip. I will be recommending Platform’s services to my colleagues.”

– Becky Williams, Pershore College

“We are extremely grateful for this wonderful opportunity for our children. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with and everything ran very smoothly. I have already recommended you to colleagues and other schools as this is a great service you offer.”

– Rebecca Humphreys, Walwayne Court School

“Absolutely fantastic experience. All staff were organised, prepared and friendly with the children and adults. Perfectly organised and kept to time during both the workshop and when meeting us at the train station too. An absolutely wonderful experience for our learners and a great sigh of relief to work with such a well prepared group of people!”

– John Feeley, Worle Village Primary School

We’re here to help you

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