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English - KS2

The Instructor Conductor

Multiple locations Classroom
Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to understand, identify, select, and use imperative verbs.
1 hour


Nobody likes a bossy-boots…

But, sometimes, imperative sentences are – well – imperative!

In this lesson, students explore imperative sentences on a deeper level, gaining an understanding of their importance in safety scenarios, before going on to create some of their own.

Keep an eye out for our explorations of some of the feelings that can occur when we are TOLD what to do.

Curriculum Links

Year 5 and 6 Literacy

  • Select appropriate grammar and vocabulary, during writing composition, and understand how such choices can change and enhance meaning.
  • Propose changes to vocabulary and grammar to enhance effects and clarify meaning.
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If you would like to combine this lesson with a rail education workshop and complimentary rail familiarisation trip, please get in touch.

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