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History - KS3

Remarkable; Remembered

Multiple locations Classroom
Learning Outcomes
Students will explore the impact of Frederick Douglass on the slave trade and determine why he is so significant to the city of Bristol.
3 hours


In these lessons, students will identify key features of the Transatlantic slave trade and the impact it had on one individual; Frederick Douglass.

They will go on to understand why he chose Bristol as an important place to visit and educate people,  before deciding – using the 5 Rs criteria – whether he should be given a Blue Plaque within the city.

Curriculum Links

KS3 History

  • A local history study
  • Ideas, political power, industry and empire; Britain, 1745-1901
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How to get there

This lesson is designed to be taught in a classroom. However, if you would like to visit the city of Bristol with your class, please use either of the options below to help plan your journey. 

The nearest station is Bristol Temple Meads.

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