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Humanities - KS2

A Town in a Million

Stroud Classroom
Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to describe the geography of the local area and explain how this enabled particular industries to flourish.
1 hour


In this lesson students will unravel the history of the Stroud Valleys, weaving together its physical geography and success in the wool trade. Students will use map skills and source analysis to uncover the story and explain it in their own words.

Curriculum Links

KS2 Geography

  • Name and locate counties and cities of the United Kingdom
  • Identify human and physical characteristics, key topographical features and land-use patterns
  • Use maps to describe features; use compass points
  • Potential for using fieldwork

KS2 History

  • A local history study
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How to get there

This lesson is designed to be taught in a classroom. However, if you would like to visit the Stroud Valleys with your class, please use either of the options below to help plan your journey. 

The nearest station is Stroud.

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